domingo, julho 19, 2009

Com que frequência você bloga?

Acho que o termo correto seria "postar" ou "publica postagens em seu blog", mas acho que "blogar" não fica mal.

Figura do Technorati State of the Blogosphere: Technorati Top 100 bloggers are twice as likely to post ten or more time daily compared to the next 500, and 14 times as likely than the next 5000. Looking again at Technorati's tracking data shows how often the Top 100 bloggers post each day compared to the next 500 and the next 5000. The Technorati Top 100 are prolific, with 43% posting ten times per day or more often. Only 8% post once a day or less frequently, compared to 13% of the next 500 bloggers, and 22% of the next 5000 bloggers.

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