Galinhas generalizam de forma Bayesiana

Encontrei isso procurando as recentes citações do meu paper KINOUCHI O, CATICHA N, OPTIMAL GENERALIZATION IN PERCEPTRONS

Para meus alunos de Estatística e outros interessados:

Title: Generalization of color by chickens: Experimental observations and a Bayesian model
Author(s): Baddeley RJ (Baddeley, R. J.), Osorio D (Osorio, D.), Jones CD (Jones, C. D.)
Source: AMERICAN NATURALIST 169 (1): S27-S41 Suppl. S, JAN 2007
Document Type: Article
Language: English
Cited References: 48 Times Cited: 0
Abstract: Sensory generalization influences animals' responses to novel stimuli. Because color forms a perceptual continuum, it is a good subject for studying generalization. Moreover, because different causes of variation in spectral signals, such as pigmentation, gloss, and illumination, have differing behavioral significance, it may be beneficial to have adaptable generalization. We report on generalization by poultry chicks following differential training to rewarded (T+) and unrewarded (T-) colors, in particular on the phenomenon of peak shift, which leads to subjects preferring stimuli displaced away from T-. The first three experiments test effects of learning either a fine or a coarse discrimination. In experiments 1 and 2, peak shift occurs, but contrary to some predictions, the shift is smaller after the animal learned a fine discrimination than after it learned a coarse discrimination. Experiment 3 finds a similar effect for generalization on a color axis orthogonal to that separating T+ from T-. Experiment 4 shows that generalization is rapidly modified by experience. These results imply that the scale of a "perceptual ruler" is set by experience. We show that the observations are consistent with generalization following principles of Bayesian inference, which forms a powerful framework for understanding this type of behavior.


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