sexta-feira, março 14, 2008

The Physics ArXiv Blog

Localizei hoje o interessante the physics arXiv blog:News and views from the coal face of science a partir de um post que eles colocaram sobre o nosso paper da culinária.

Aqui vai uma auto-descrição do mesmo:


If ya’ll been a-wundrin how physics is born, let me tell ya. It’s just like your mammy and pappy told. The great white stork posts physics on the arXiv and leaves it a-cryin and a-hollerin until somebody starts a-lovin and a-nurturin it. If they do it just right–just right, mind–it’ll one day grow up into a full force o’ nature.

Ya’ll can think of this lil ol blog as a kinda birth announcement where ya can see the little uns as soon as they arrive. Then ya’ll can start a-cooin and a-cuddlin over the pertee ones.

If ya wanna whisper me some sweet nothins, ya’ll can get me at:

Ya’ll keep a-comin back, y’here?


É um blog bem interessante se você estiver interessado em comentários leves sobre os artigos do mais curiosos da semana.

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