sábado, agosto 02, 2008


Se você tem dificuldade de ler em inglês, aperte o botão Babel-Fish aí na barra lateral.

Whyville is an educational Internet site geared towards preteens and children. Its goal is to engage its users in learning about a broad range of topics, from science and business to art and geography.

The game is reported to be one of the most popular virtual worlds with a player base of 3 million.[1]

As a simulation based virtual world, Whyville's users engage in games and roleplay sponsored by a wide range of governmental, non-profit, and corporate entities. Launched in 1999, by Numedeon Inc, Whyville was one of the first virtual worlds for children, and is one of the few virtual worlds whose purpose is primarily educational.

Numedeon Inc was founded by Dr. James M. Bower his students and collaborators at the California Institute of Technology interested in ways in which the Internet and simulation-based serious gaming could change education.


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João Carlos disse...

Eu devo estar com alguma configuração errada em meu Firefox, porque o BabelFish não funciona nem por um decreto...

Osame Kinouchi disse...

Realmente nao está funcionando... Preciso checar isso.