I wrote a paper late last night.

I'm not sure it's completely right.

I'd like to push the button soon.

By 1 o'clock this afternoon.

My LaTeX file is good to go

I think...but is it really so?

I haven't read through all I wrote.

But if I wait I'll miss the boat.

I can't keep checking all day long.

And who cares if it might be wrong?

I'll hardly feel that brief disgrace.

Tomorrow I'll just push "replace".

Now I'm on the uploads page.

Should I proceed, or disengange?

I guess I better wait a bit...

It's too late! I have pushed "submit"!

John Preskill
May 30, 2002

The arXiv, hosted at by the Cornell University Library, stores over a half million e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Nonlinear Sciences, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance, and Statistics.

This arXiv app is an iPhone app that lets you browse new e-prints by archive and subject category, as well as search for e-prints by title, author, abstract text, arXiv ID, or all fields. Once you locate an e-print, you can view its abstract and metadata or scroll through the PDF file. The arXiv app uses the API and RSS feed.

Greg Landweber is in no way affiliated with or the Cornell University Library, except for the over 20 e-prints he has submitted to the arXiv.

Download the arXiv app from the iTunes App Store.


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